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Fulton says ‘yes’ to beer and liquor sales

Unofficial results show Fulton’s residents are in favor of selling alcoholic beverages within their city. Preliminary results of Tuesday’s election, which don’t include the certified results of affidavit voting, show the resolution to allow the sale of beer and light wine being approved 697 votes to 440 votes. A separate resolution to allow the sale […]

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Fulton voters decide on beer, liquor next Tuesday

Next week, Fulton voters will decide whether or not to legalize the sale of alcohol within city limits. On Tuesday, polls will open for a special election to determine two separate issues: Whether or not to allow the sale of beer and light wines of relatively low alcoholic content, and the same for liquors of […]

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BlueFire Renewables: A small company with big ambitions

Mitchell Stanley, president of Washington-based non-profit group the National Center for Sustainable Development, called BlueFire Renewables a small company with big ambitions. “They’re like babes in the woods, here in Washington: They’re stumbling around, they don’t know what to do,” Stanley said of the California-based company, which has been struggling to finance a $350-$400 million […]

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Fulton police chief requests stronger regulations for pool halls

* Police Chief Reggie Johnson said owners of pool halls and other recreation centers need to be held accountable for criminal activity in and around their businesses. After recently adopting stronger regulations for yard sales and junk cars, Fulton officials are turning their eyes to the city’s sometimes problematic recreation businesses. During the regular meeting […]

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Tricks and treats: Downtown Fulton Halloween event returns

Werewolves? Check. Vampires? Check. Multiple versions of all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Check. Looks like the gang’s all here. It’s just about time for downtown Fulton’s annual Trick or Treat on the Square. Rained out last year, the massive event, which attracts thousands of children and adults from all across the county to the […]

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BlueFire receives backing from Chinese energy company

* The U.S. energy company has partnered with China Three Gorges Corporation for financial leveraging of its long-gestating Fulton ethanol plant. Fulton’s planned ethanol plant just received backing from China’s largest energy company. On Wednesday, BlueFire Renewables Inc. announced that it has signed a Master Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for its planned cellulosic […]

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‘Going wet’: Police chief talks Fulton’s upcoming beer vote

On Oct. 28, Fulton voters will decide whether or not to legalize the sale of alcoholic beverages within the city. One of the local agencies most likely to have to deal with the potential negative consequences of a successful ‘yes’ vote is the Fulton Police Department. Last week, The Times sat down with Fulton Police […]

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Traffic detectors installed to improve traffic flow through Fulton

* The detectors have been installed at several busy intersections, including the “T” where South Adams meets Main Street. Traffic flow through several areas of Fulton should see some improvement in the coming weeks with the implementation of detection systems at several busy traffic lights. Last week, workers with the Mississippi Department of Transportation installed […]

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Mother’s strength

* Although she still grieves for the loss of her mother to breast cancer, Fulton’s Lori Cleveland said she draws strength from her memory.  Dig down past her genial exterior — her lantern smile, affable demeanor and breezy charm— and there’s a well of sadness and anger inside Lori Cleveland. She fights against it every […]

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Monster Mash diabetes run turns five

* The annual fundraising race has raised more than $14,000 for juvenile diabetes research. Ten-year-old Dylan Quinn has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was six. Fulton’s Shelby Prestage, sitting next to him, said she’s hoping he’ll see a cure within his lifetime. In the meantime, she’s doing her part to help. When she organized […]

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Fulton mayor: Beer vote a ‘big decision for our city’

On Oct. 28, Fulton voters will decide whether or not to allow the sale of beer and light wine and liquor. Mayor Lynette Weatherford said she’s hoping for a strong turnout for a potentially historic election. “It’s a big decision for our city,” the mayor said. “One way or another, people need to come out […]

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OPINION: A call for conversation instead of cat fights

We have three cats in our house. They are the testiest, most antagonistic creatures in all creation. With funding and a team of historians, I’m pretty sure I can back this claim with proper research. All three of these creatures have vastly different personalities and opinions on who among them can be where at any […]

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Fulton officials approve $10.8 million budget

* The 2014-2015 budget sees few changes from last year’s model.  What can be said about the latest iteration of the Fulton’s budget that hasn’t been said about the last few that preceded it? Millage didn’t increase and luxuries are at a minimum. Last week, the Fulton Board of Aldermen approved the city’s budget for […]

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Fulton adopts new rules for yard sales, junk cars

Fulton has some new rules regarding yard sales and junk cars. Last week, the Fulton Board of Aldermen approved ordinances regulating yard and garage sales and the number of junk cars a resident can keep on his or her property. The rules are meant to limit each. For yard sales and their ilk, residents are […]

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