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Fulton man ambitious in life, on his ride

By RILEY MANNING Daily Journal FULTON – Charles Ruff knew he was born to ride the first time he saw a motorcycle club roar through the streets of Alabama as a child. “I saw them and I just knew, ‘That’s it, that’s what I want to be,’” the Fulton man said. “For me, I’m free […]

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Houston’s Peoples building new memories after the storm

Houston community’s Sandra Peoples said her new mobile home isn’t very much like her old house. In many ways, it’s better. It’s larger, for one thing, and has far more modern amenities than the house she called home for nearly 50 years. But it’s just not the same. “It’s very strange, but it’s getting better,” […]

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Itawamba’s snow day

Last week, Itawamba County was blanketed in snow as Winter Storm Rufus passed through Northeast Mississippi, dropping upwards of nine inches of powder in some areas. We asked our readers to share some of their photos of Itawamba County’s rare snow day, and they obliged. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.  

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Old fashioned: Fulton man farms his land with mule and plow

  “I bought her from an old Amish fella up in Tennessee,” said Stanley Underwood, 83, giving a firm couple of pats to the neck of his mule, Hat. Yes, that’s her name. It started out as Pat, but … “I didn’t much like that,” he said, brushing his hands on his Liberty overalls. “So, […]

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Hive minding

* Mantachie beekeeper says the rewards of his hobby are sweeter than honey. Bees, thousands of them, exploded from the honeycomb frame as Rolan Barnes gave it a firm shake. A cloud of them followed him down the hill away from the hive, back to his truck. Dressed from head to toe in his protective beekeeper’s […]

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Genetic disorder won’t define Fulton youth

  Rian and Traci Botts of Fulton know their daughter faces a challenging future. They also believe there may be a purpose in that. Jaelyn, 12, suffers from Type 1 neurofibromatosis, or NF-1, an incurable genetic disorder that causes the growth of tumors throughout the nervous system. Although the disorder is accompanied by a host […]

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Cake, collards, cabbage make Tremont woman’s family happy

  Story by Ginna Parsons Mary Killingsworth still remembers the first thing she ever learned to cook: homemade biscuits. “My mother was in the hospital and I made them and my dad said I made enough to feed Coxey’s Army,” said Killingsworth, 74. “I guess I was about 10 at the time and we had […]

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Daily dominoes

Mantachie residents have been playing together for decades. It was 9 a.m. on a Thursday in Mantachie, and a game of dominoes was in full swing. Inside the large community room at town hall, Eugene Patrick pushed a domino across the table, adding it to the layout at its center. From across the table, fellow […]

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Perms, clips and conversations

* After 39 years, Dorothy Farris is retiring from cutting hair for Daniel Health Care. “There comes a time in life when it’s just time to retire,” said Dorothy Farris, standing near the back of Salon 1905, a small beauty shop tucked inside The Meadows nursing home in Fulton. As if she suddenly remembered something, […]

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Christmas parades start next week

* Christmas comes early for both Fulton and Mantachie, which will be hosting their annual Christmas parades next week. Sure, depending on what day of the week a reader scans this story, the Thanksgiving turkey may be either uncooked or still digesting. Either way, it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Itawamba […]

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‘God doesn’t change’

* Fulton resident has been pastoring multiple churches for decades. Even after all these years, Bro. Jimmy Davis still believes in God. That’s never changed. Spread across the large coffee table in the living room of his Fulton home were five copies of the Holy Bible. More were in the back, Davis said. It’s the […]

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Moving on: Fulton woman helps inmates prepare for GED

“In a lot of ways, going to jail can be a good thing,” said Itawamba Learning Center volunteer Pat Thorn. Of the 20 or so students the Fulton resident has tutored on behalf of the non-profit adult education group, 14 of them have been inmates at the Itawamba County Jail. Thorn believes that, for many […]

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Principal profiles:Trae Wiygul – Itawamba Agricultural High School

Itawamba Agricultural High School Principal Trae Wiygul said the success of every single student is important to him. “This is my family,” he said, extending his arms. “We’re all family here; it’s one of this school’s greatest strengths.” The son of former Itawamba County Superintendent of Education F.G. Wiygul, the Fulton high school principal said […]

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Brush strokes from the soul

“These are just the ones I thought would fit in here,” explained Sara Walker. She motioned toward one of a small assortment of paintings hanging on the wall of her room at Charleston Place Assisted Living in Fulton. All of them were painted in oil. Most of them were of flowers. She shrugged. “They were […]

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